Our Inspiration

Let Children Achieve was born out of my play advocacy site, Let Children Play.  As I wrote about play, I realized that I could not talk about the lack of play in our culture, without addressing the serious flaws in our educational system. At the root of our lack of play and at the heart of our aggressive educational model, is a misunderstanding of who we are as a culture and who we can become if we are to acknowledge all our idiosyncrasies. We have the potential to create the strongest, most unique and innovative educational system in the world, but we must first begin to let go of the model of education that is failing us and our children.
We don't need to change our schools. Change means tossing out broken parts and replaces them with something that is also broken. For example, when the baby needs a new diaper we say we are going to "change the diaper." This means we are going to replace the soiled diaper with one that will eventually become soiled as well just as its predecessor did. Is this how we want to address education? I don't think so. We don't need to change. We need to transform.
I am looking to open an honest conversation with the global community on what we can do, today, right now, to begin to transform American education.  We need a system that reflects who we truly are, one that embraces all our cultures and includes multiple models of success. Together we can create an educational community that teaches all our students.