Sunday, June 5, 2011

Back to School

Please excuse my silence for the past few weeks. I have started  a new journey, a journey back into teaching. Before I had children and became involved in education advocacy I lived and worked on the Navajo reservation in western New Mexico as a kindergarten teacher. It was my first job out of college and was by the far the most difficult thing I had ever attempted.  As any teacher will tell you the first few years of teaching can be mind blowingly difficult and my job was complicated by lack of funds, lack of support, lack of knowledge of what I was doing and a cavernous distance between me and my family back in the midwest.
Despite all odds, though, I succeeded. I thrived and so did my students. I have never lost my love for educating and now after a six year hiatus to raise our kids, I hope to return to the classroom this fall.
Currently I am visiting Santa Fe, New Mexico where I took my re certification test yesterday in order to renew my teaching license.
So here I go. Wish me luck! I plan on writing and detailing the journey and I hope you join me. I know going back to the classroom will color my blog and hopefully bring to this site a palpable experience of our current educational system.  The journey into achievement and what it means to succeed in the twenty first century continues. I know my students will have plenty to teach me.

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  1. Meg, I am THRILLED to hear you are going back into the classroom! We get to add one more person who truly cares about children and is willing to adjust and develop their own philosophies and skills to serve child development.

    Go Play!