Sunday, May 8, 2011

The Thread that Keeps it Together

Today is Mother's Day.  Other years I have passed this holiday quietly with  my family, perhaps enjoying a yummy homemade breakfast, kisses from the kids and a lovely bouquet of flowers.  However, this year it is all a bit different. This year I am fully engaged as an advocate for education and play and this involvement has pushed me to look a little deeper into the role of mother. How do our mothers help us achieve?
This past week Thomas Matlack of the Good Men Project, shared with me his Mother's Day post. As I read the amazing interview he did with his mother about his childhood and decisions she made along the way, I was struck with the thought that it is not our faults or weaknesses that define us as parents.  It isn't the things we recognize as mistakes years later that permanently color whether we are successful parents. Rather it is how we respond to the obstacles placed before us.As you read Mr. Matlack's piece you will hear intimately about the obstacles his family faced. Some of those struggles will probably be familiar, but what you will also hear about is a woman who constantly experimented and worked to find a solution to those problems.  That is what a parent who strives for excellence and achievement does. They never stop working to find a situation, a job, a house, a school or a community that will help themselves and their family.
Motherhood has changed over the decades and women have more choices than ever before about how they want to lead their lives.  However, the one thing that continues to define us as mothers is our dedication to doing what is best for our families. It isn't the faults we all have or the weaknesses that we are all plagued with. We continue to be best defined by if and how we choose to overcome our obstructions.

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