Monday, April 11, 2011

What does a Can Do attitude do for you?

Recently I was introduced to the company Can Do Kids. It was started by two Can Do moms, Deborah Luster and Chris Elders in order help kids identify their goals and aid them in achieving their dreams using the powerful tool of a Can Do attitude.  As it says on their site, their mission is to "Inspire kids – young and old – to reach their full potential, and remind them that they can do anything!"
What I like about Can Do Kids is their strong committment to creating an atmosphere of achievement. They haven't drawn lines around WHAT should be achieved, rather they are encouraging parents, communities and kids to embrace personal achievement in all it's forms.
How can we bring a Can Do attitude to classrooms across the country?  We have allowed one definition of acadmeic success to define a crumbling educational system for too long. We must begin to make room for achievement outside of the traditional pass/fail testing environment.
How do we begin to do this?
 New models of assessment need to be brought to classrooms for teachers and students.  The exchange of ideas needs to be included as an important part of education. Encouraging these things will naturally foster a Can Do attitude.
In short, if we help children pursue their life passions, whatever they may be, and give our students tools so they can have a Can Do attitude, we will have kids who are happy, innovative and ultimately benefiting our society.  We are all tied to the success and failing of our students. If we do not create an atmosphere in which students achieve, they will not grow to be adults that achieve. If the child cannot identity their dream, how does that child grow to be an adult that can?
As Dr. Kwame Brown of Move Theory stated in an earlier post on this site,

"We must begin to understand children as sentient beings who think for themselves and simply need guidance...."

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