Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Thomas Matlack: Finding the Inner Compass

Let Children Achieve is honored to be joined by Thomas Matlack, co-founder of The Good Men Project. Mr. Matlack started The Good Men Project in 2008 and since then has appeared on national and local television and has traveled the country promoting a new kind of conversation about manhood, one that pushes men to think deeply about what they believe and how they define themselves in the twenty first century. The Good Men Project Magazine offers innovative conversations for people who enjoy thinking critically about social roles and strive to contribute positively to the world.  Over the next few posts, Mr. Matlack will share with us a few thoughts about raising boys, being a dad and how a man can raise a son to achieve in a world that many times is working against him.

In a society where young men are continuously looking for external role models and find very few, what would you say is the best method for young men to employ to begin to look inwards and use their own inner strengths as a compass in life?

My experience with this is there is no need to "begin."  Boys, at least the ones I have been around, intuitively know how to be strong and good in their own special way.  It's the rest of us who tell them to grow up, be different, be like some adult man we put up on a pedestal.  

One of the most amazing things is to watch my 6 year-old's mind as he figures out the world himself.  It's like a flower opening for the first time.  He is asking the questions and coming up with the answers in one long breath of air.  Sometimes he just lays on my chest while we are watching a game and talks.  I try to talk too but really it is his monologue, his manhood ripening before my very eyes.  

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