Monday, April 25, 2011

Every Mother Counts

I had the pleasure of joining the #Moms4Moms Twitter party recently and discuss the right every woman in the world has for a safe and healthy birthing experience. I have to admit, it was one of my first Twitter parties. How amazing to be able to sit in my pjs, on my couch, with my mud mask covering my face and talk with insightful women about life changing issues. Now that is multitasking! I loved the whole conversation. Before the party started I had the pleasure of speaking with Holly Pavlika of Big Fuel and Mom-entum about the Moms4Moms movement.
Women hold a lot of power in our society. It is time we realize how powerful we really are to make the social change we know is important and relevant to our families. We know how to help children and families achieve. What are we waiting for?"Inspired by Christy Turlington and her mission to spread the word about this critical issue, we hope to help drive awareness and action through the power of Moms and our digital relationships", says Ms. Pavlika. Read on to hear more about how women are making waves of change for one another.

In this day and age when so much of what we contemplate during the day is focused on information we are fed from the main stream media, how do we break the cycle of mind numbing news that fills our world and reach towards movements, like Moms4Moms, that puts us in touch with an inspiration to help other parents?
I think the key is relationships. And that's why I love social media. When you've built a community and engaged with them in a human, honest and relevant way, that trust enables you to get out messages that break the cycle.

When I look at your site I see the staggering statistics associated with maternal care. It is clear the power mothers have when they are working together as a unit to make change. How can the mom at home folding the laundry today recognize her potential to help other moms?
I'm a great believer it's the small things that add up to the large. Obama did it with micro-donations and his campaign. It's the voices of a million Moms joining together that can make change. Two cell phones in a single location in Rwanda could change the lives of the Moms there. So a Mom doing laundry can have an impact. And has made it easy through Hope Phones– nothing to do other than drop the phones in the postage paid box they supply.

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